Lesson 9: Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Lesson 9: Prophet Muhammad (SAW)


5 Salah Song!

All Years

Best English Nasheed – Be like Muhammad saw English Nasheed by Hussein Kalla

Years 1 to Year 3

That’s What Muhammad (saws) Said | Song for children with Zaky

Years 1 to Year 4

I LOVE Muhammad (saws) – Zaky Song!

Years 1 to Year 6

Stories of the Prophets – Muhammad SAW: Part I

Muad X Zayaan – Ya Muhammad (Vocals Only)

Years 3 to Year 6

Best English Nasheed – Be like Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم )- English Nasheed by Hussein Kalla

Maher Zain – Mawlaya | Vocals Only (Lyrics)

Maher Zain & Mustafa Ceceli – The Way of Love | (Vocals Only – بدون موسيقى) | Official Music Video


Years 4 to Year 6

NEW EVIDENCE of the Prophet Muhammad’s Greatness 😲

Years 5 to 6

If Mufti Menk Met the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ❤️😢

My Biggest High School Regret | Mohamed Hoblos

King of Medina | Lyric Video | Zain Bhikha Ft. Khalid Belrhouzi

Omar Esa – The Story of Taif (Official Nasheed Video) | Vocals Only

Peace be upon the Prophet – Nouman Ali Khan – Quran Weekly

A bad time to be Muslim…