Alhamdulilah….your kids are in safe and capable hands!


Islamic scripture is the largest scale educational initiative in Australia which provides comprehensive education opportunities for Muslim children, equipping them with fundamental Islamic life skills and knowledge.

Our ability to engage with students on a daily basis is an incredible privilege. Through educating, nurturing and supporting our students, we can truly make a world of difference in their lives, their communities and society as a whole.

As a parent of a Muslim child who attends an NSW Public school and whose child attends Islamic Scripture lessons, you can rest assured that we’re doing our very best to ensure your child receives an optimum Islamic educational experience.

Our dedicated team of volunteer teachers and curriculum writers are committed to creating engaging and insightful lessons that all students can benefit from.

Currently, our team of over 400 volunteer staff teach more than 26,500 students each week. This equates to nearly 400 Hours of Islamic learning in the school life of each child.

Our program uniquely caters for key learning stages in your child’s school life. Throughout the years, students will cover everything from the basics of faith- such as the pillars of Iman and Islam, to moral and manners, Islamic celebrations, prophets and role models as well as ethics and how to develop a positive sense of identity.

We believe these topics will set the foundations for life-long learning and a healthy Islamic outlook which will enable students to develop a stronger connection with their Creator, and hence a stronger connection with themselves, their school, their community and society as a whole.


The “ISRE House of Learning”…

Let’s take you through a quick snapshot of the journey through the “ISRE House of Learning”.

This is the journey your child goes through as they progress through the various scripture lessons in their schooling life.


The house that ISRE built