The Islamic Council of NSW (ICNSW) is the authorised body through the Department of Education and Communities to provide Islamic Special Religious Education (ISRE) lessons to Muslim students in NSW Public School

Introducing ISRE Lessons to your school- If your school is interested in holding ISRE lessons, you are welcome to touch base with us and we will look at catering for this.

From our end, we will ensure that:

– All ISRE teachers are approved and authorised by us to teach at your school

– Their authorisations are checked regularly and your school will promptly be informed of any revocation

– All teachers complete mandatory child protection training, hold current New NSW Working With Children Checks, are not prohibited persons from working with children and do not hold criminal convictions for certain offences

– ISRE teachers are provided with approved teaching materials and paedology

– A region supervisor is allocated to your school and will act as a point of contact between ISRE, the teacher and your school

– Provide assistance as required to ensure the smooth running of ISRE lessons in your school

– Islamic Council of NSW provides the school with a letter which details the name of authorised teacher(s), date of birth and contact details. The letter is updated annually before the start of term 1 or as required.

Problems or concerns with ISRE teachers

If you have any issues or concerns in relation to ISRE teachers, lessons, or supervisors, please do not hesitate to touch base with us. We will endeavour to do our best to assist you in any way possible.

Information sessions and seminars on topic which affect Muslim students

SRE occasionally holds  various information sessions and  seminars in schools which cover various topics which affect Muslim students in your school. These seminars can be delivered to students and/or staff.

In the past we have offered information sessions  on Ramadan (the Islamic month of fasting) with a focus  on the religious significance of the ritual as well as the practical effects on students  and how these can be dealt with. We can also provide written materials and resources in this regard.

For further information on current sessions being offered check our “events” page.

If you have any suggestions for topics or you want a particular information session offered at our school, do not hesitate to touch base with us.

Ramadan Guides

Here are some great notes for schools who have students who observe the Holy month of Ramadan attending their school: Schools Guide to Ramadan