N.Wahba – Artarmon Public School, K-6

N.Wahba – Artarmon Public School, K-6

“It is has been a wonderful experience teaching scripture through ISRE. I have been teaching for around three years which I found very rewarding and beneficial not only to myself but for many generations to come who, for certain, were in dire need to know so much about their religion but unfortunately did not have access to it.

ISRE is a very organized organization who works really hard to provide a thorough curriculum to kids from k-6. Workbooks and teaching guidelines are provided well before each term to ensure that teachers are fully aware of the main ideas to teach. The syllabus is not bias to a certain sect and meets the requirements of students at different stages. It also covers important events in Islamic Hijri calendar such as Ramadan highlighting its importance to Muslims and our duties in that holy month. Every now and then it gets back to the basics, such as the five Pillars of Islam and 6 Pillars of Iman, to reinforce them in kids’ minds. The syllabus significantly embraces the importance of morals and how Islam values them citing pertinent hadith and Quranic verses. This is in addition to covering the history of early Muslims and their commitment to Islam which I had seen myself instilling pride in the hearts of my students.

I am happy to say that many of my students, by the time they leave school, have started to see our religion in a different light and they are ready to continue along the righteous path they have started. On my behalf, I am very pleased to have satisfied these kids’ hunger for knowledge and to have helped our community in spreading profound knowledge on Islam.

I wish ISRE organization all the best for their exceptional efforts and dedication in spreading the teachings of Islam to our kids, to all the region supervisors for their patience and dedication in making our teaching as smooth as possible and to all those who contributed their time to teach younger generations who hopefully will help restore the image of Islam.”

N.Wahba - Artarmon Public School, K-6