These are the training modules which you will be offered to you as an ISRE teacher. Some will have mandatory attendance, others are voluntary. Your supervisor will keep you updated about which training modules are on offer and their particular times.

Induction: This module will be your introduction to becoming an ISRE teacher. It will cover working with children guidelines, duty of care, dealing with students, dealing with schools, use of materials and resources and your practical guide on how to become an effective teacher.

Behaviour management: This module will help you understand and equip you with the skills to manage student behaviour in the classroom. It will focus on how you can maximize learning time and ensure that students are managed in effective and constructive ways.

Lesson planning and execution: This module will help you maximise the benefit from the syllabus and educational resources given to you, by teaching you how to utilise them and how to prepare for your lessons. You will learn how to design a well-structured, fun, engaging and educational lesson which meets learning objectives.

Role-playing: This module teaches you how to deliver your lessons a fun and engaging way in order to maximise student participation. You will be taught different techniques on how to encourage student participation and learning experiences through practical scenarios.

Teaching different levels in the classroom: This module is designed for teachers who have to teach different age groups in the same classroom or different levels of knowledge within the same age group. It will teach you how to effectively tailor your lessons to ensure maximum and overall student benefit.

Teaching strategies: This module will teach you different strategies and techniques to ensure effective planning and facilitation of lessons. It will focus on day to day running of a class and techniques which will assist you in gaining optimum educational results.