Lesson 10 – Eid Al-Adha and Revision

All Stages

Muad – Ahlan

Duration: 3:30

Kindergarten to Year 2

Omar, Hana & Zaky EID SONG! | Islamic Songs for Children
Duration: 4 mins

Hajj Nasheed for Children
Sung to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain
Duration: Only up to 2:05 mins of video please.

Children of Hajj
Duration: 1 min

Years 3 to 6

Eid ul Adha Nasheed – Dawud Wharnsby 2011 {HD}

Duration: 3 mins

The GREATEST story of Hajj in Cinematic 3D
Duration: 4 mins

My Hajj Experience by Shehroze Khan
Duration please mute sound. 3:20 mins

What is the Day of Arafah?
Duration: 1:35 mins

What’s So Special About the Day of ‘Arafa?
Duration: 5:28 mins

The Farewell Sermon – Zain Bhikha [Official Video]
Duration: 6 mins

Children’s Hajj
Duration: 3 mins

Years 5 to 6

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Duration: 3:20