Teacher Training Links

Teacher Training Links

Contact the office for any upcoming training.

To apply for WWC (Working With Children):

My PL (Professional Learning):

ISRE team has ongoing Volunteer Teacher training every week in our ISRE office.

To assist all our ISRE volunteers with this important role, the ISRE body will provide you with teaching resources and materials regularly. Every term our ISRE volunteers will receive a syllabus containing the lessons to be taught over the term, as well as a workbook containing various activities and exercises, and useful resources such as YouTube links, merit awards, stickers, and activity sheets.

All ISRE volunteers will have a regional supervisor/mentor available, for further individual support and continual contact. The ISRE supervisor/mentor will contact you on a regular basis to keep you updated and informed of ISRE issues and assist you with any concerns you might have, including further training in the knowledge of the authorised curriculum and the scope and sequence, skills in answering student questions, skills in progressing the lesson, classroom management, maintaining student engagement and negotiation skills.

ISRE supervisor/mentor is available if you have any issues, queries, or feedback.

All ISRE volunteer teachers can obtain feedback from their ISRE supervisor: By completing the SRE Teacher Audit Process. All teachers will have the opportunity to speak to their supervisor/Mentor about ways to improve their teaching.

ISRE volunteer teachers are encouraged to reflect on their teaching.