Lesson 2 The Muslim Mindset – Gratitude, & Optimism

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Zain Bhikha Give thanks To Allah Lyrics

Duration: 2 mins

Kindergarten to Year 2

Nasheed – Count the Blessings of Allah with Zaky

Duration: 3 minutes

NEW! – Alhamdulillah Song by Zaky, Nadeen & Suhaila

Duration: 4:25 minutes

Years 3 to 6

Al Hamdulillah – Beautiful Nasheed Thanks To Allah

Duration: 3 mins

Alhamdulillah – Dawud Wharnsby W.Lyrics (I am Just A Rock)

Duration: 4:30

What A Wonderful World- by Dawud Wharnsby Ali and Zain Bhikha (+Lyrics)
Duration: 3:44


A recommended Thikr/Dua to say at the end of every obligatory Prayer | Abu Bakr Zoud
Duration: 4:20 mins

Alhamdulillah For Everything
Duration: 4:30 mins