Lesson 5 The Muslim Mindset – Managing Emotions

Kindergarten to Year 2

Hurray for Baba Ali Season 2 Anger Management
Duration: 7 mins


Cotton Candy Sky – Zain Bhikha Official Animation Video

Duration: 4 mins

Kindergarten to Year 6

I’M THE BEST MUSLIM – Ep 09 – Road Rage Terminator!

Duration: 7 mins

Year 5 to High school

Surah Taha سورة طه (Relaxing, Soothing, Healing Recitation)
Duration: upto 6:15 mins
Instruction: Ask the Students to get comfortable and listen to the Quran recitation. Reflect: What do you notice about your body and emotions? Do you feel calmer?

Surah Al Asr | English | Understand & Memorize Quran Project | illustrated | Subtitled

Duration: 1 min

Episode 8: Responding to Your Haters | Angels in Your Presence with Omar Suleiman

Duration: 5 mins

High School

The Removal of Anger Comes From Allah | Brother Nouman Ali Khan

Duration: 3:30 mins

Jealousy and Envy in Islam for Kids

Duration: 4:30 mins