Lesson 6: The Muslim Mindset – Setting Goals and Planning

Kindergarten to Year 2

Nasheed – I Remember ALLAH (Islamic Cartoon with Zaky)
Duration: 4 mins

Nasheed – My Five Daily Prayers with Zaky
Duration: 2 mins

Years 3 to 6 and High School

Inside The Cave of Thawr (or Jabal Thawr) Makkah HD 

Duration: 2:30 mins

Surah Al Asr | English | Understand & Memorize Quran Project | illustrated | Subtitled
Duration: 1 min

Reaching Your Goal In Life ᴴᴰ – Powerful Video – Young Muslim Series
Duration: 2:30 min

The story of the Hijrah in Cinematic 3D | Islamic New Year
Duration: 6 mins


7 Tips to Have Productive Mornings
Duration: 2:34 mins

What’s Your Goal? Imam Omar Suleiman talks about his goal in life!
Duration: 2 mins

LIVE with a LEGACY, LEAVE behind a LEGACY! | Inspirational Reminder | YASIR QADHI

Duration:1:30 mins