Learning from Home – Kindergarten to Year 2 – Lesson 4

Lesson 4:  Ramadan – Laylat al Qadr & Last 10 Days

Lesson outcome:

  • Students extend understanding of the importance of the last 10 nights of Ramadan and Laylat al Qadr and good deeds to do during this time.
  • Students explore Dua to be said during the last ten nights of Ramadan, including the Dua recommended by the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
  • Students can identify good deeds/goals for the last 10 days of Ramadan and good deeds they would like to continue in their everyday lives.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the link below to watch lesson recording.

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Step 2: Download and print and complete Lesson worksheet from the link below:


            Year 1 and 2 :

Step 3: Reminder from Lesson 1 to download and print from the link below for the Ramadan Qur’an Family Challenge and the Ramadan Calendar.

Step 4: Check out suggested supplementary videos and links if you would like to learn more.

Lailatul Qadr | The Night of Power – Ayisha Abdul Basith

Mr Bat and Layatul Qadr! Mr Bat tells us all about night time for children!