2020 Term 3 Hajj and the Stories of the Prophets


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Lesson 1 – The First 10 Days of Dhul Hijjah & Hajj – Lessons from the story of Hajar RA

Lesson 2 – Hajj, The Day of Arafah & Eid Al-Adha

Lesson 3 – Celebrating Eid Al-Adha – Stories of Sacrifice from Prophets Ibrahim AS & Ismail AS

Welcome to the ISRE Stories of the Prophets from the Quran series.

Allah SWT gives us stories in the Quran to love, learn and live Islam!

The series begins with Prophet Nuh AS followed by Dawud AS, Sulaiman AS and Yusuf AS and ends with our beloved Muhammad SAW.

We hope you will benefit and enjoy the content.

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Lesson 4 – Prophet Nuh AS

Lesson 5 – Prophet Dawud AS

Lesson 6 – Prophet Sulaiman AS

Lesson 7 – Prophet Yusuf AS

Lesson 8 – Prophet Muhammad SAW (Part 1)

Lesson 9 – Prophet Muhammad SAW (Part 2)

Lesson 10 – Revision