Lesson 5: Control Anger

Lesson 5: Control Anger

Steps to Control Anger: Worksheet

Kindergarten to Year 2

Learn to Manage Anger I Hurray for Baba Ali


Years 1 Year 6

I’m The Best Muslim – S1 – Ep 09 – Road Rage Terminator!

Years 2 to Year 6

How to Control Anger? #islam #AlRahmahTV #angermanagement

Years 3 to Year 6

3 Sunnahs When One Gets Angry l Sunnah Series for Kids

Years 4 to Year 6

The Removal of Anger comes from Allah

Surah Taha سورة طه (Relaxing, Soothing, Healing Recitation)


Duration: upto 6:15 mins
Instruction: Ask the Students to get comfortable and listen to the Quran recitation. Reflect: What do you notice about your body and emotions? Do you feel calmer?

Islamic Reminder – Anger (2022)

Muslims Who Get Angry Often Must Watch This! – Dua To Get Rid Of Anger

Follow the Sunnah when you are angry #islam #Sunnah #muslims #shorts

Years 5 and Year 6

Control your anger 🤲🤍 #muftimenk #Islam #Muslim #Muslims #Hadith #Quran #Allah #IslamicQuotes